Beer Hall Senior Pretzel Baker

Job Description: 


The Senior Baker reports directly to the Beer Hall Kitchen Manager is responsible for daily pretzel production.  The Senior Baker will ensure the Kitchen operates according to the real time demands of the Beer Hall and the service and quality standards of Harpoon.  The Senior Baker plays a critical role in maintaining a safe, clean, and highly productive work environment, in addition to maintaining the Harpoon culture.  The Senior Baker must be able to execute his/her duties without on-site supervision from the Kitchen Manager which requires, amongst other things, self-reliance, problem solving skills, a temperament that can handle stress.  The Senior Baker recognizes that the open kitchen is a highly visible and important part of the guest experience and constantly ensures that the kitchen projects all aspects of the Harpoon brand.


Production Schedule

  • Set forth pretzel and sauce production needs by (hour, day) on a 14 day basis. 
  • Schedule must be submitted to Kitchen Manager by Wednesday, taking into account event needs

Inventory and Ordering

  • Maintain FIFO inventory of all kitchen product both on the line and in storage
  • Orders according to inventory pars and/or production schedule twice weekly (Sunday and Wednesday) or as needed
  • Presents packing slips and reconciled invoices to Kitchen Manager for authorization

Daily Pretzel Production

  • Ensure adherence to SOP's on all aspects of daily kitchen operations:
    • o   Opening
    • o   Closing
    • o   Dough production
    • o   Sauce production
    • o   Supervision of the line
    • o   Quality standards
  • Accommodate special needs resulting from events


  • Provide hands-on training, coaching, and guidance to ensure compliance with all SOP's and standards

Hygiene, Health, and Safety

  • Check that all cleaning tasks have been completed
  • Compliance with Harpoon SOP's
  • In conjunction with the Kitchen Manager, ensure on-going compliance with all hygiene, health, and safety standards as established by governing authorities


  • Variable hours that include night and weekend work
  • Position requires prolonged standing, bending, stooping, twisting, lifting products and supplies weighing 65 pounds, and repetitive hand and wrist motion.
  • Work with hot, cold, and hazardous equipment


  • Established competency with
    • Ordering and inventory management
    • Production scheduling
    • Cost control systems
  • Highly organized and energetic
  • Required Certifications (must obtain upon hiring)
    • Massachusetts Allergen Awareness Certificate
    • ServSafe Certificate
  •  A passion for baking
  • Genuine enthusiasm for craft beer and craft beer drinkers

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Boston, MA
United States