Forklift Operator

Job Description: 

Position Title: Forklift Operator

FLSA: Full Time, Exempt




Loading and unloading of deliveries, movement of raw materials and finished product pallets on and off of packaging lines. Tracking full good and raw material inventory for each packaging run. Accurate production reporting at all times.



Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Safe and efficient handling of lifts
  • Safe use of a variety of riding forklifts and other material handling equipment as trained
  • Daily inspection of equipment for proper operation prior to use
  • Maintenance issues are reported promptly
  • Logs are filled out accurately and every time lift is signed out
  • Safe driving at all times –always in control of load and aware of surrounding staff & environment
  • Responsible for reporting accurate production full good counts at all times.
  • Responsible for closing out daily raw material usages with each packaging run
  • Responsible for accurately receiving raw materials into our ERP inventory management system
  • Have an understanding of operating with in a live inventory management system
  • Responsible for closing out daily raw material usages with each packaging run
  • Efficient and accurate product handling
  • Supply packaging lines with raw materials
  • Ensure all pallets are properly tagged and wrapped prior to storage

Move product into warehouse in efficient, organized manner coordinated with Warehouse staff to ensure:

  • Minimal damage
  • Avoid mixing of product dates
  • Maintain an orderly and safe work environment within department as well as entire facility.
  • Maintain personal appearance and conduct reflective of professionalism and pride in Harpoon
  • Follow all company policies as detailed in employee handbook – attendance, safety, IT protocols, etc.
  • Help in other departments as directed.
  • Contributing to positive work environment through open and constructive dialog


  • Minimum of 1 year manufacturing experience
  • Proper use of PPE
  • OSHA approved Forklift certification
  • Ability to become state licensed if required

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Boston, MA
United States